Google Meets TikTok

The hyperlocal social marketplace and search engine.


Something NEW in 30 seconds

Circled is a video-only marketplace for pre-loved, self-made and retail products and services. 


Finding products from your local area has never been easier. Presented in an entertaining stream of videos recorded around you, tailored to what you like and curated through your peers' recommendations.


Whenever you are ready, you are just one tap away from getting what you are looking for whilst helping your local community thrive.

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How I Can Help You


SELL in 30 seconds

Circled gives you the tools to sell anything you'd like, from old vintage clothes and furniture to pottery you've made yourself or even an unwanted birthday present (we'll keep quiet about that last one).

All it takes is recording a 30-second video of you describing what you are selling, the more entertaining you make it, the more offers you'll receive.

You have a variety of options to sell the products, and it's up to you to decide between setting a fixed price, putting it up for auction or even giving it away for free.

Chances are you'll find someone interested in your offer in no time!

Unique products

Discover unique pieces from your local area, things that are hard to find anywhere else.

Make a difference

By buying local products you support a sustainable lifestyle and reduce your environmental footprint.

Save money

Circled offers different pricing features like crowd-pricing and free-items to support an affordable and fair marketplace.


Safe & sound

Circled's mission is to create a marketplace where both buyers and sellers feel safe at every step of the way.


As we believe that seeing and hearing each other is the best way to build trust, Circled relies on short teaser videos as a medium for sellers to present their pieces and hidden treasures in the best possible way.


Circled comes with a fair rating system that gives you all the tools you need to rate your experience with other users.


All this ensures a safe environment for everyone on the Circled app.

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Beta testing

We have a beta testing program for our community to help us test the Circled app and our latest features.

To take part simply downloading the app from the App or Play Store, play around with it and send us any comments, bugs reports, suggestions and questions using 'Emma', our assistant within the app. As soon as you sign up in the app 'Emma' can be found in the messages tab.